We realise that not everyone can make it to the Bristol VR Lab Afternoon Seminar events so we have recently started recording them for the people who can’t make it and for those who want to rewatch the talks. Right now you can watch the Medtech Afternoon Seminars 5.0 talks on our YouTube channel or on this page.

Christoff Lutteroth


VR exergames combine physical exercise with gameplay in a virtual reality (VR) environment. Christof is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Bath, studying how VR exergames can be designed to be safe, effective and enjoyable.

In this talk Christof will outline some of the practical conclusions he and his colleagues have drawn from their research on VR exergames. He will talk about some common challenges of VR exergames and explain some game features that have been shown to improve the game experience and the effectiveness of exercise.


Rachel Godfrey


Rachel is managing director of GoVirtually which specialises in producing 360 degree, 3D virtual tours which allows people to virtually walk step by step through a building before visiting in real life.

Over the past few months, Rachel has been pushing GoVirtually to help people with autism prepare themselves before visiting a new place. She has spent time working with children with autism as well as parents/carers to really understand what information can be useful.


Isabel Van De Keere


Dr Isabel Van De Keere is the Founder & CEO of Immersive Rehab, a Virtual Reality digital health startup that focuses on the creation and development of physical & neuro-rehabilitation programmes in Virtual Reality that improve patient recovery. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of physical & neuro-rehabilitation, to reduce referral times­, to make rehab fun and engaging­, and to have a better patient outcome. Following a long physical rehab period Isabel went through herself due to a work accident, she decided to start Immersive Rehab in September 2016.