We have more HTC Vive Trackers then we know what to do with, so we started attaching them to our gloves, shoes and Nerf guns.

VIVE Trackers can bring any real-world objects into a virtual environment just by attaching it somehow, even a rubber band works! If you have an idea of what object to bring into VR just have a 3D model of that object handy and a real-world way of ensuring that the VIVE Tracker stays mounted on that object. The Tracker creates a seamless wireless connection between your attached object and the VIVE system.

What we did was improvise ways of strapping the Trackers to our body and Nerf guns. All you need besides the Trackers and straps is a game that supports them. You can either download some games like we did or you can develop your own VR experiences in a new way. The games we tried out were VRChat, Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing and SelfieTennis.

You can also attach the VIVE Trackers to a camera to make mixed reality videos, we did exactly this for our green screen project which you can read about here.

Bristol VR Lab is excited about experimenting with this tech in another project we are currently working on called Salvaged. In this project, we use the Trackers to track the position of our modified Nerf guns in VR. It’s really impressive how accurate it is and the sensation of seeing your real-world gun while physically holding it in your hand is going to make for some good fun once we finish the game. Read more about working on salvaged in this blog post.