Bristol VR Lab’s “Afternoon Seminars 11.0” takes place on Wednesday 28th November, 2018 between 1:00 and 2:30pm. The event will be focused on “The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Tech”.

This event will mark 11 months of Bristol VR Lab’s Afternoon Seminars events, which have so far covered topics as wide-ranging as artificial visualisation and medtech to haptics, immersive training and sports.


Steve BowdenEON Reality.

Immersive Technology & AI for Learning

Discussing the past, present and near future of AI integration, tracking and behavioural learning

Jamie CruickshankFive AI

Diversity Matters: making self-driving cars accessible for everyone

Algorithm developer Jamie Cruickshank of FiveAI discusses tech and diversity and showcases some exciting developments in self-driving car technology.

Self-driving cars are coming and the benefits will be huge. With this new tech just around the corner, it’s vital that the new breed of transport services are available to everyone. People of every gender, race, age, ability and economic background must be able to use and benefit from a safe, accessible shared service.

What can we do to make sure this happens? How can we find, celebrate and amplify the voices that need to be heard? How can we create a service that serves all of society?

Bristol VR Lab is located on the first floor of the Leadworks building. The main entrance is via Bristol Aquarium and there is a push button doorbell on the left as you arrive. On entry to the lab there is a flight of stairs or a lift that may require support to use. Please let us know via email what access requirements you may have and we will be happy to assist you.