Opposable VR launches Bristol VR Lab 2.0 – a virtual reality social space complete with recreations of the suspension bridge and a harbourside crane.

Bristol-based Opposable VR is set to launch a new virtual space called BVRL 2.0 with a special launch event with a series of talks on virtual and augmented reality from some excellent guest speakers.

Date – 7th October

Time – 3pm – 6pm

The event will be catching up with speakers that have previously spoken in the physical Bristol VR Lab, as they share the latest on their recent work and insights on the wider XR field. Attendees will be hearing from:

To sign up to to the event you’ll need to download the AltspaceVR application on your chosen platform and register via the following link:


BVRL 2.0 is a virtual evolution of Bristol VR Lab, a coworking space for companies and individuals working in the fields of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology. It’s run by a team of experts placed to offer advice and arrange engaging industry talks and events on a number of subjects related to XR.

The creation of this space was funded by Innovate UK, while the physical space was created with support from the West of England Combined Authority, University of the West of England, University of Bristol, Rocketmakers, and Bath Spa University. 

The multi-purpose space built for AltspaceVR is intended for professionals, students and teachers to connect, network and communicate, providing a much-needed virtual location for education, teaching sessions, cultural events, and demonstrations of new creative technical content.

While it currently sits in AltspaceVR, the space may migrate to other platforms in the future depending on the requirements of its users and the development of Opposable VR’s own experimental platform.

BVRL includes a central area to meet up for socials and a starting point to reach the other areas via BVRL 2.0’s various bridges. It sits next to our faithful recreation of the Bristol VR Lab, a tree house, and a selection of nods to the lovely city that is Bristol, with some scattered surprises for visitors to find. 

The amphitheatre is a space for people to give and attend talks. It uses AltspaceVR’s Multimedia Console to enable speakers to give presentations complete with videos and slideshows.

The meeting rooms are available for private use upon request (please get in touch with Dan Page on [email protected]). There are four rooms in the space, each designed to be used by two, four, six or eight people.

The classroom has been created for teachers, students, lecturers, and anyone wishing to give talks to smaller groups of people than the amphitheatre space is designed for.

A bit about AltspaceVR / Help for those new to the platform

AltspaceVR is a Microsoft-owned social platform for virtual events in virtual reality or on a desktop PC. It supports 2D Mode on PC and VR Mode on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Rift S, Go, and Quest and Windows Mixed Reality.

How many people can attend an event at once?

Effectively it’s an unlimited amount, and previous events have had more than 2000 people attend. There’s a limit of 70 people per instance of an area, but AltspaceVR’s Front Row allows speakers to be On-Air across as many instances of the VR venue as needed.

How do I find out about BVRL’s virtual events?

The team will be sending out information on future events via the Bristol VR Lab and Opposable VR newsletters with instructions on how to attend. Public events will be listed on the Altspace website on our AltspaceVR channel – account.altvr.com/channels/bvrl2 and at bristolvrlab.com/events

If you hit the subscribe button on the BVRL 2.0 Channel Page you’ll be notified about all future events.

How do I attend events?

Events will require an AltspaceVR account to register your interest via the event link, once you’ve done so you will see links both on the AltSpaceVR website and in the app itself, where a menu should allow you to click “join”. See below for links to software support.

I would like to host an event

If you would like to host an event please speak to Dan Page on [email protected]. We can help you with organisation, technical support and invites.

I need software support

There’s plenty of information over on the AltspaceVR website about how to use the software itself, see below for individual support sections that might be useful.

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