Our Members

Directory of Bristol VR Lab residents, staff, partners and members

Richard Godfrey

Richard has been delivering amazing software experiences for over 25 years with Deloitte, Microsoft and now as the founder and CEO of Rocketmakers. Rocketmakers are based in Bath and deliver...

Mark Date

VOYA VR would like to welcome you to the Journey we are about to embark on. As fellow VR enthusiasts, I'm sure you will agree that Virtual Reality is Humankind's...

Stefan Bolesnikov
Bristol VR Lab

Stefan is an experienced presenter and business consultant with a successful track record of delivering compelling solutions at local and international competitions.


Rebecca Bangay
iBex Media

Before turning freelance in 2011 Rebecca spent 13 years with the BBC creating multimedia experiences across multiple platforms for high profile brands such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Springwatch....

David Haynes
MBP Consulting

MBP Consulting is a VR software company building tools to enable people to work on engineering and creative applications collaboratively, independent of geographical location.


Rachel Godfrey

GoVirtually provides the highest quality interactive 3D property walkthroughs in Bristol, Bath and the South West for residential and commercial properties.


Ben Flexo

Ben has been programming computers since he got a Spectrum back in the 80s, and he started developing games on an Amiga when he was a teenager.


Isla Badenoch
Postcode Films

Previously sponsored by Limina Immersive: Isla Badenoch is a documentary filmmaker, creative producer and visual artist. Isla has a Masters from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has...

David Green
University of the West of England

David is a documentary-maker, computer scientist and researcher at the University of the West of England, working on the EPSRC-funded Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters project.


Chris Hart

Chris is a Creative Director with over 35 years experience of working in the Broadcast and Media Industry. Natural History, Science and Children’s Programming, Branding, Print and Web and 'stuff'...

Andrew Calway
University of Bristol

Andrew Calway is a computer scientist and engineer working in computer vision and robotics. Much of his work focuses on 3-D tracking and reconstruction using vision (SLAM) and he collaborates...

Suraj Malhotra
University of Bristol

Suraj is conducting a research project on ‘The Use of VR and AR to improve Student Learning Experience and Engagement Levels’ at University of Bristol


Anthony De Unger
Biome Productions

At Biome our goal is to harness Virtual Reality and 360° film to transfer viewers from their living room and into the wild. We wholeheartedly believe that the most emotive...

Ted Savile
Biome Productions

At Biome our goal is to harness Virtual Reality and 360° film to transfer viewers from their living room and into the wild. We wholeheartedly believe that the most emotive...

Sam Rowley
Biome Productions

At Biome our goal is to harness Virtual Reality and 360° film to transfer viewers from their living room and into the wild. We wholeheartedly believe that the most emotive...

Rollo Wood
Biome Productions

At Biome our goal is to harness Virtual Reality and 360° film to transfer viewers from their living room and into the wild. We wholeheartedly believe that the most emotive...

Lynn Barlow
University of the West of England

Journalist, broadcaster, voting BAFTA member, Royal television Society, Wildscreen and Encounters Trustee, Lynn’s career spans newspapers, radio and television. She was a BBC social affairs correspondent and went on to...

Jen Stein
University of the West of England

Jen Stein is a design researcher who examines the implications of emerging technologies by designing for and speculating about near future interactions. Her research and design work explores ambient storytelling,...

Nicholas Llewelyn-Jones

PolyBionics's mission is to invent and launch breakthrough technologies that they hope could someday benefit the human body. PolyBionics has a long way to go before we can fulfill this...

Ben Trewhella
Opposable Group

Ben's company Opposable Group is an award-winning independent games and VR research and development studio currently (amongst many other things) running the Bristol VR Lab and researching multiple person, large...

El Knight
Bristol VR Lab

El initially studied BTEC “3D Computer Animation for Video Games and Film” at Weston College after learning many transferable skills they tried their hand at coding during multiple summer placements....

Dan Page
Opposable Group

Dan is Creative Director at VR World Congress, organiser of the SouthWest VR meetup and has managed Opposable’s marketing and events for the past four years. Dan looks after marketing,...

Stuart Gallop
Virtual View Productions

Virtual View Productions's goal is create high quality and long form VR and AR content that also connects users to immersive brand placement using its in-house developed brand placement platform...

Shaz Abdullah
Opposable Games

Shaz has worked in the films and game industry for the last decade designing film sets, props and environments, both physically and digitally. In recent times he has utilised VR...

Nick Inoue
Substrike Ltd.

SubStrike® technology has been in development since 2008, enabling the system and sensation to be refined to a point where it is the most immersive sonic experience to date.


Chris Pope
Unity Technologies

Chris is the Team Lead for the Field Engineering team covering Europe, Middle East and Africa at Unity Technologies. Joined in 2009 and has held multiple roles from R&D to...

Alexandra Voinescu
University of Bath

Alexandra is a prize research fellow at the University of Bath, her research looks in to using VR and other immersive technology with healthy and clinical participants


Diane Douglas
Vigiles Group

Diane is a highly motivated Business Analyst and Project Manager experienced public/private Health, Education and Legal sectors. Motivated by collaboration and sustainability.


Shariff Moossun

Shariff has worked within the digital media industry for 20+ years developing interactive content and delivering experiences across a wide range of technologies, devices & platforms which recently has included...

Alex Astin
Nomads VR

Alex is a Marketer and passionate advocate for the therapeutic uses of new media, Alex is director of Nomads VR - providing customised tech solutions to individuals and organisations in...

Sam Vickery

Sam is an enthusiastic Bristol-based Unity Freelance developer that started developing games at the age of 13. Sam started using VR back in the Oculus DK1 days and has been...

Max McClure
Max McClure Photography

Max McClure is an Advertising, Editorial and Fine Art photographer. Max was born in UK but grew up in the West of Ireland where he developed a deep love for...

Alessio Caruso
University of Bath

Alessio Caruso is a BSc (Hon) student in Applied Computing at the University of Bath. My previous experience includes systems analysis services and telecommunication, but currently I’m investing my creative...

Chris McKeeman
Frameless Adventures Ltd

Chris is a highly experienced executive producer of high-end film, digital, animation and visual effects and has held senior positions with some of the world's leading creative companies.


Matt Watkins

Matt is an Executive Producer at Imaginar, an Immersive and Creative Production Studio that specialises in AR, VR, Mixed Reality, CGI and Animation. We provide a variety of innovative immersive...

Alessandro Migliaccio

Alessandro is an aerospace engineer, keen to face new challenges and eager to leave his mark on the aerospace industry.