Name: Chris Hart

Company/Organisation: area47

Job Title: Creative Director

Fields: Directing and procuring facilities that require Live Action (both video and film), Motion Control, Green Screen, Computer Graphics (Maya, Softimage and Cinema 4D), Virtual Studio and Motion Capture, Adobe Creative Cloud software, Augmented Reality.
Interests – Film, Particle Physics, Cosmology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology [review ‘mind map’ above]

Company Description: Area47 – Seeking the sweet spot between familiarity and novelty. Working in collaboration with Tammy Miles, exploring ways to bring wonder to science using visual ideas and metaphors. Simplifying the complex and invoking curiosity.

Background/Personal bio: Creative Director with over 35 years experience of working in the Broadcast and Media Industry. Natural History, Science and Children’s Programming, Branding, Print and Web and ‘stuff’ Philosophy – Seeing is the sum of sensing, selecting, and perceiving. Information should be both beautiful and memorable. The more you see, the more you know.

Email: chris [at]