Name: Dan Fairs

Company: Condense Reality

Title: CTO

Personal Bio: Veteran of multiple startups, Dan was CTO and cofounder of SecondSync (acquired by Twitter, where he later led the backend team that delivered live streaming video globally). He is an experienced software architect and team builder, used to working at scale. Dan has two decades of experience working in software, startups, and scaleups and currently operates as the CTO of Condense Reality.

Fields: Volumetric video

Company Description: Condense Reality are building a next generation platform for recording and broadcasting live sports events using volumetric video. When combined with a VR or AR headset, volumetric video allows viewers to move around the content to watch it from any viewpoint they choose. By combining cutting edge computer vision and a novel deep learning stack they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in live volumetric broadcasting.


Twitter: @danfairs

Company twitter: @CondenseReality