Name: Kailash Manohara Selvan

Company: SpatialCortex Technology Ltd

Title: Co-founder / Technology developer

Fields: Motion Capture, Animation, VR, Gaming, Sports/Posture tracking

Company Bio: SpatialCortex technology strives to develop the most versatile and affordable motion capture system available in the market. The SpatialCortex V1 is a fully wireless wearable system that enables real-time, full-body, low-cost mocap for animation VR, gaming and sports tracking. We look forward to working with businesses and can help; create affordable motion capture solutions to small studios and game hubs, create full immersive VR experiences, perform motion analysis for fitness, posture tracking, etc.

Personal Bio: Kailash is an Aeronautical Engineer by background and an Aerodynamicist by trade. He is passionate about new technology and has a keen interest in hardware, embedded electronics, game development, VR/AR and AI.


Facebook: @SpatialCortex


Email: info <at>