Name: Mark Date

Company/Organisation: VOYA VR LTD

Job Title: Founder

Fields: Hardware & wearables

Date company founded: April 2017

Company Description: VOYA VR would like to welcome you to the Journey we are about to embark on

As fellow VR enthusiasts, I’m sure you will agree that Virtual Reality is Humankind’s next great Adventure.Our Mission is to create the equipment we will all need to brave this exciting new world.
And that’s the VOYA VR mission today – to provide the tools to enhance your journey into virtual reality – we provide the equipment – you love the experience.

Background/Personal bio: My interest in VR started in bustling Bristol in the 1990’s, where I founded Bristol’s baddest videogame store – Gamefreaks. From there, I was recruited to be an early tester of one of the brand new Virtuality gaming pods springing up across the UK.

….and I’ve been at the cusp of all the VR near misses – from the Atari (remember Atari?!) Jaguar VR to the lame duck Nintendo Virtual Boy which I still own 🙁

Fast forward to early 2014, and my purchase of the Oculus Rift DK1 – not perfect, but still my first true home VR system.
It was then that I realized that VR had truly arrived…and I wanted to play a part in its evolution.