Name: Max McClure

Company: Max McClure Photography

Job title: Photographer

Fields: Photogrammetry, VR/AR, 360 Photography, Environment Scanning, Integrated Pipeline Development, Equirectangular, Automotive, Studio

Date company founded: 01 January 2010

Company Description: Freelancer photographer with a passion for AR, VR and more

Personal Bio: Currently residing in the UK, and holds a BA (Hons) degree in Photography from UWE, Bristol.

Throughout his personal and commercial work Max draws on his innate creative ability to consistently produce unique photographs that carefully integrate powerful ideas with subtle messaging. Although typically commissioned by Creative Advertising agencies, Design firms and Fashion Retail brands, Max has a long-standing history of working with arts organisations and galleries, documenting major projects across the UK and around the globe.

Alongside the commercial photography, Max has been developing equirectangular HDRi photogrammetry workflows that provide consistent baseline colours and exposure values for use across different platforms.

Twitter/Social Media: @MaxMcclure


Email: info [at]