Name: Rachel Godfrey

Company: GoVirtually

Job title: Managing Director

Fields: Virtual reality tours

Date company founded: 25 July 2016

Company Description: GoVirtually provides the highest quality interactive 3D property walkthroughs in Bristol, Bath and the South West for residential and commercial properties.
Using the very latest technology that detects the walls, ceilings and floors of a room, we provide a way to step through the space as if you are really there. What’s more, we can create an accurate floor plan as well as an amazing ‘dolls house’ view that shows how the rooms actually fit together.
Whether it’s a residential property or commercial property, we produce the highest quality showcase available today; and can easily advertise home’s or business by uploading your 3D virtual tour to your own website and social media.

Company Objectives: To provide the best quality virtual tours in the South West and help those who can’t easily get out have great virtual experiences.

Twitter/Social Media: @govirtually_


Email: Rachel [at]