Name: Anthony De Unger

Company: Biome Productions

Job Title: CEO

Fields: 360° film and Natural History storytelling

Date Company founded: September 2016

Company Description: Biome Productions is a young, driven and close knit production team specialising in the application of VR technology to wildlife filmmaking. Based in Bristol, the international hub of the industry, Biome is well equipped to tackle a wide variety of projects and can adapt to meet your specific requirements.

At Biome we believe in telling stories through the eyes of the viewer rather than the eyes of the director, using innovative VR techniques to break the frame and create a unique viewing experience. Our vision is to transfer the viewer from their home and into the wild, an experience which can only be truly realised in such an immersive medium.

Comprised of a team of highly knowledgeable biological and zoological scientists we understand the necessity for storytelling to be captivating whilst remaining scientifically informative; our skills ensure we are well qualified for consultancy in both VR and wildlife film fields.

Company Objectives: At Biome our goal is to harness Virtual Reality and 360° film to transfer viewers from their living room and into the wild. We wholeheartedly believe that the most emotive and visually stunning stories are told by nature itself. By immersing our viewers in the world’s wildest places our films  entertain, educate and inspire viewers to understand and connect with the natural world

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Twitter: @BiomeProds

Instagram: @Biomeproductions

Facebook: Biome Productions

Personal Twitter: @anthonydeunger

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