Name: Rob Eagle

Company/Organisation: University of the West of England

Job title: PhD Student

Fields: VR, Documentary, gender/sexuality studies

Objectives while in Bristol VR Lab: I am creating and examining interactive pieces relevant to my practice-led PhD research into how to represent trans and genderqueer stories in non-fiction VR. I am keen to meet others from across industry and academia who engage with VR, AR and MR.

Personal Bio: Producer/director of documentary film, audio and 360 video, with a background in visual anthropology. After a brief foray into broadcast TV, I was an in-house multimedia producer at University College London for 8 years, working with academics to translate their research into short online pieces for news stories and press releases. Outside my PhD, I work freelance in producing film and audio documentaries that focus mostly on material culture and queer culture/history.

Twitter: @Rob_Eagle_


Email: robert2.eagle <at>