Name: Sam Vickery

Company: Opposable Games

Job Title: Lead Unity Developer

Interests: Game Development, Games Jams, Video Games, Board games, Star Wars

Background: I am an enthusiastic Bristol based Unity Freelance developer that started developing games at the age of 13. I started using VR back in the Oculus DK1 days and have been pushing the boundaries of what VR can do ever since. I’m constantly trying out fun and new game mechanics only available in VR. I have built a wide range of apps and games using Oculus, Vive, GearVR, Vuforia AR, Kinect, and Leap Motion for clients ranging BBC, Mondelez International, Paramount, Royal Mail and Peugeot. I recently worked with BDH to create Wonderful You, a VR documentary about a fetus developing inside the womb that was voiced by Samantha Morton.