Name: Ben Trewhella

Company: Opposable Group

Job Title: Managing Director

Fields: VR, Games, Mobile, Technology, Startups, Partnerships, Artificial Intelligence (evolving neural nets, swarms), Networking, Mutliplayer, Large Area VR

Date company founded: April 1st 2011

Company Description: Opposable Group is an award-winning independent games and VR research and development studio. The company has worked with some of the most exciting companies in the world including IBM, AT&T, Vodafone, AMD, Huawei, GSMA, Akamai, Cartoon Network & Channel 4 to produce award winning games and VR applications, and has partnered with research organisations including the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England and University College Dublin.

The company is partner founders of the Bristol Games Hub, established in 2013, and the Bristol VR Lab, a partnership of the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England and the Watershed, as well as the BBC and Bath Spa University. Opposable also organises VR World Congress, the UK’s largest VR conference, which attracts VR developers and buyers from US, Europe and China to Bristol each year.

Company Objectives: Opposable currently are occupied with the following:

  • Running the Bristol VR Lab; helping VR & AR startups find the best route to growth, helping organisations research areas of VR, and developing partnerships with companies seeking to understand immersive in their industry.
  • Developing multiple person, large scale VR, for use in their own products and in others.
  • Exploring the use of machine learning, specifically neural networks and evolutionary algortihms to create content, behavior and problems solving in VR.
  • Exploring new distributed simulation architectures that allow more connected, deeper applications in gaming and other applications.

Twitter/Social Media: @bentrewhella


Email: ben (at) opposablegroup (dot) com