Name: Steve Flanagan

Job Title: 3D Visualisation | Multi Media Producer

Company: Immersive Environments

Fields: VFX | Film & TV | Construction & Engineering | Creative

Personal Bio: Having travelled, lived and worked all over the UK/overseas, now based in Bristol, Steve combines a love for exploring the natural and man made world with a passion for creating exciting digital content using the latest media technology.

Steve has 20+ years experience as an adventure sports coach and guide in boats, on ropes and in/on rocks. Then spending over a decade creating technical media, Steve has worked producing 3D Visualisation, 360 Film and Timelapse content for the Visual Entertainment, Construction and Engineering, Commercial and promotional industries as well as providing content for Creative Arts projects, International Conservation Organisations and for Natural History broadcast.

With many years of cross industry experience, Steve brings a creative yet practical perspective to all projects and strives to provide the highest quality content using the latest media technology and techniques (while enjoying the work and getting on with everyone during the process).

The ways in which content is produced now should not only look great but it should show people new perspectives, help solve problems, inspire and entertain. That’s what iMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS are all about. ”

Company Bio: 3D Visualisation | 360 Film | Timelapse