Bristol VR Lab is a collaboration between the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England with Watershed and Opposable VR. The facility in Anchor Square is a coworking space for SMEs and Students to research and develop virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) software and hardware.

“This investment establishes Bristol and the South West region as a key player in the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented reality”

The money is planned to be spread out over the next 3 years to ensure that the lab stays on top of the latest VR gear. Some of this money will be used to fill the lab with more equipment such as mo-cap suits, portable backpack PCs, 360° Cameras, Vive trackers and more in the way of the latest VR headsets and consoles.

This website boasts the functionality to book a tour, register your interest or sign up to the newsletter and as of recently the website now has a Resident Profile section where you can learn more about some of the residents at the lab and a news section which is where you’re probably reading this.

Bristol VR Lab is currently in pilot stage but will be launching in January 2018 so keep your eyes peeled on this page for any more updates.

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