Bristol VR Lab – University Intern

Bristol VR Lab is a shared workspace to research and develop Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology, applications and projects in the South West.

BVRL provides a shared studio with high-end VR, AR and 360° equipment available at all times, experts on hand to offer advice, and engaging industry talks and events on a number of subjects related to the field.

The Bristol VR Lab are looking for a paid intern to work in the Bristol VR Lab over Summer 2018.

The role is for students of the University of Bristol the University of the West of England, and Bath Spa University, with one placement per university.

The role:

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic student from a creative, digital, maker or other STEM-based subject areas to work with the Opposable team managing the Lab, members and partners.

You will be working with the residents, members, partners and other guests of the lab, exploring the possibilities of the various virtual & augmented reality, motion capture, green screen and other immersive tools and devices we have.  This will be a dynamic role, with regular challenges posed by the BVRL staff or residents, which you will need to use problem-solving skills to investigate, then reflect back your results to wider groups. At certain points, the role may change, specifically if a partner poses a question or challenge we’d like explored and feel you are the best person for the challenge.

You will be working alongside interns from other Universities based in the region, and we are looking for someone who can bring a spark of something interesting, a unique approach, and can get on well with people who may have different ideas from your own.

You will definitely be presenting to a wide variety of people, in informal settings, on your findings and the latest technique or application you have tried, most people we talk to are very friendly so if you are shy then this is a good opportunity to overcome this.

We will be using immersive technology, so if you can program Unity, create 3D models or have particularly good presentation or problem-solving skills let us know – however, the role is not limited to any one of these things, and we are primarily looking for someone who can get solve a variety of problems and explain how they did so.

The role will be for 6 to 12 weeks, depending upon the right persons availability.  The role will be paid at the standard internship rate for your University, or standard living wage should this not apply.

Please apply by sending whatever you feel shows you to your best with an email to [email protected] before the end of June.