Last week Bristol VR Lab opened up its doors and filled up the talk space to facilitate the Jean Golding Institute in hosting the Data Visualisation Challenge team formation workshop. The event was a chance for researchers at University of Bristol to present their data sets to VR professionals so they could form teams to enter the challenge. The challenge winners will receive £8000 funding to visualise their dataset in VR and a chance to have the prototype of their visualisation shown in the Bristol Data Dome at We the Curious.

Below you will find presentations from the event (keep checking back as we’re adding to this as time goes by). For more information check out the JGI Data Visualisation Challenge – Team Formation Workshop blog.

Basal Properties of Greenland – Jonathan Bamber and Michael Cooper, School of Geographical Sciences

Uncovering Greenland’s hidden landscape is Jonathan Bamber’s project based on 20 years of data collection from NASA and UKRCs. He showed us paper maps and other visualisations of sea level rise as a consequence of global warming but would really like to be able to have a VR walk through.

Click here to download this presentation.

Interactive protein-protein docking using VR

‘Interactive protein-protein docking using VR’ was presented by Richard Sessions who is interested in how proteins interact with each other and is keen to develop a 3D game, matching proteins which could not only be useful for scientists developing machine learning approaches to protein-protein docking but also might appeal to the public.

Click here to download this presentation.